We Are Local Folks

Located on Broadway just a few doors down from Grazia Italian Kitchen

Grace Market

What makes a sandwich, the best sandwich?

You do.

Meet Adrian


Adrian began his career in the food service industry as a dishwasher in a small Italian restaurant in Brenham, Texas, while attending college. After working alongside many owners and helping them create success, Adrian’s entrepreneurial spirit brought him to his next stage in life. He quit his VP job, sold his house, and moved his wife and daughter in with his in-laws. They saved for a year to buy and build their first franchise. For the next ten years, he worked in developing and branding restaurants. Today, the Grace Family of restaurants includes, Grace Market.

The old proverb says, “to each, his own.” We take that to heart at Grace.

Grace is always, exactly what you want.


One thing we know about food is that it brings people together. Our grace extends beyond our kitchen and our doors. We are local folks just like the people we proudly serve in our restaurants and our neighborhoods.

— Adrian & Gina Hembree, Grazia Founders